The weather man uses the phrase sunshine and showers, we certainly have experienced. The weeds love it and so have the crops, which after all is what we want.

I have had to do more weeding than I wanted, but at least thing are beginning to grow.

August 2017



Harvest may be a slight overstatement, but we have managed to pick a few things off the allotment. A few courgettes, chard and apples, but enough to feel that we have achieved something.

The chard and courgettes are in my tummy and the apples have been made into a jelly and stored in some jam jars.

We have dug out a food dehydrator which No1 son had left in our loft so for the next pick of apples we will have a go at drying them and seeing how this turns out.

I did not manage to get the black fabric down to cover the rest of the allotment so grass and weeds are higher than I would like. I suspect we will have to do some more strimming, which is not what I really want, but needs must.