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More Planting

SUMMARY Planted Lettuce and Potatoes. ( K L M ) …. not the airline More Digging and Planting We managed to get a few more things in the ground. Around the Cabbage and Broccoli we have added some Baby Leaf lettuce, these are protected by the netting and should grow pretty quickly coming to crop well before the cabbages and broccoli. With the fine weather we also turned over some more ground and now also have of  couple rows of potatoes which should be ready for harvesting about Christmas. The potatoes will also help break up the soil for...

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1st Crops

WET & SUNNY The weather man uses the phrase sunshine and showers, we certainly have experienced. The weeds love it and so have the crops, which after all is what we want. I have had to do more weeding than I wanted, but at least thing are beginning to grow. August 2017 1ST CROP HARVEST Harvest may be a slight overstatement, but we have managed to pick a few things off the allotment. A few courgettes, chard and apples, but enough to feel that we have achieved something. The chard and courgettes are in my tummy and the apples...

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Not Striding Out

I have always felt that it is a brave man who wears red strides in public.  To do so when there are 15 photographers around makes him a very brave man, to then lay down in a churchyard in a star position whilst said photographers are on the church bell tower above him, well big kahunas is all I can say.   ….. It was a fun evening with visiting Painswick with some members of Stroud Camera Club.   Painswick is a very pretty cotswold village and to have the opportunity to climb up into the the bell tower...

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Always Carry Gear These following  are couple of my most favourite images Both were taken in Boscombe within a few minutes of each other and both were long exposures using a 10 stop neutral density filter. Groyne Pier ND Filter A few years ago I was driving through Boscombe on a dark winters morning and saw some lovely light on the sea. Parked up and went onto the pier with my tripod and camera bag. At the time I had a 10 stop neutral density filter on the camera so thought why not give it a go and see...

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Week Four

The Cage First Building Project. A quiet week. The cabbages have been covered with netting. Im not sure if we have managed to keep the butterflies out, or keep the snails in, either way we now have a little structure on the plot. I did not get the chance to do the other jobs that were listed. heavy rain and wind for a few days prevented me putting down any fabric, then family things filled up the rest of my time. What really surprised me was the number of weeds that appeared on the plot.  An hours work and...

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