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Week Three

FIRST PLANTING Crops in the Ground It’s early July so we have to get some things in quickly if we want some produce this autumn I mentioned earlier that we picked up some vegetable plugs very cheaply at a local garden centre. So after spending some time digging over the first 5 metres of the plot we planted what we had. What Next You can see in the schematic what we have planted. The next steps are to turn over more ground, knock up some netting covers; cover the ground below the trees with black fabric and cover the...

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The leaping deer image was something I took 10 years ago when staying in a hotel near Gatwick. It was early morning and I was putting my bags in the car when I saw these deer in the field beside me. I quickly dug out a camera, pointed it and grabbed this shot. Unfortunately the shutter was 1/5th of a second and because I was also using a telephoto lens, the result was rather blurred. After resetting the camera I captured a few more images of the deer which were OK, so I never gave this first shot a...

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Week Two

BEFORE Weeds and Couch Grass. We met with one of the neighbours who said he had grown some potatoes on the plot last year. It had been vacant for a few years so he “borrowed it for half a season trimmed the trees and rotavatored about a quarter of the plot to grow potatoes. ┬áThe rest of the plot has remained untouched for a few years. My first task was to hire a petrol strimmer or as HSS call them – Brush Whackers, and do some whacking…. Some Vigorous Whacking 3 hours later the site is transformed. I was...

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Our Allotment

Below is a schematic of the new allotment.   The plot consists of two separate area, surrounded by a 1 meter wide grass border on all sides and a 1 meter wide grass strip dividing it to create the two areas. The small one is 3.75m wide and 3.4m long which, in the past, was used to locate a shed. Immediately to the east is a long boarder consisting of 20m high trees – very tall and dense casting a shadow over the shed area all morning. The larger areas is 3.75m wide and 21m long, with six fruit...

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Summer is on its way and its time to get out and play. Here in the UK we are now enjoying some glorious weather and it is still light well into the afternoon. This means I can get out shooting after work and get a few of my personal projects up and running. It is essential to have personal projects as it is these that keep us...

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