Always Carry Gear

These following  are couple of my most favourite images

Both were taken in Boscombe within a few minutes of each other and both were long exposures using a 10 stop neutral density filter.



ND Filter

A few years ago I was driving through Boscombe on a dark winters morning and saw some lovely light on the sea. Parked up and went onto the pier with my tripod and camera bag. At the time I had a 10 stop neutral density filter on the camera so thought why not give it a go and see what happens. The pier shot was a a couple of minutes exposure and after  a little editing I am really pleased with the outcome.

I then decided to take a few shots on the beach again using the ND filter, but this time left the shot pretty much as is. What makes the shot for me is the band of white light on the horizon, which is the reason I stopped in the first place. I spent about an hour on the pier and on the beach, and the lighting on the horizon stayed pretty much the same for the whole time.

I normally carry a camera in the car whenever I go out, this time I was lucky as I also had a tripod, which is not necessarily something I always take with me.