Planted Lettuce and Potatoes. ( K L M ) …. not the airline

More Digging and Planting

We managed to get a few more things in the ground.
Around the Cabbage and Broccoli we have added some Baby Leaf lettuce, these are protected by the netting and should grow pretty quickly coming to crop well before the cabbages and broccoli.

With the fine weather we also turned over some more ground and now also have of  couple rows of potatoes which should be ready for harvesting about Christmas. The potatoes will also help break up the soil for planting next year.

I am also really pleased that I managed to lay down some weed suppressant fabric under the fruit trees and also on the shed area. This will greatly reduce the amount of time I will need to spend for strimming and weeding. It also gives me time to decide on what I want to do with these two areas.


I have really been surprised how quickly things have grown over the last 4 weeks.

We have harvested courgettes and kale and had to do a second strimming of the site as the grass and weeds were shooting up. This is all because the weather has been ideal, a mixture of sunny days and wet days, almost perfect growing conditions. I have only had to water the plants the day they were planted, since then mother nature has taken over the task for me

Now the fabric is down I feel that we are starting to take control of the site, but there is still plenty to do.


  1. Weed kill the remaining area before either digging over or using a rotavator.
    (kindly offered by a fellow allotments).
  2. Plan the next phase of planting.
  3. Trim some of the fruit trees as they are shooting up around the roots.
  4. Look out for a cheep shed in the local classifieds etc.
  5. Start planning for next year.
  6. Invest in a gas bottle with a burner and also a kettle so that I can brew tea…


…. let’s hope that we don’t get much wind over the next few days as I ran out of ties to fix down the fabric. I have ordered some more but they will not arrive for a few days 🙂

One other thing to ponder is what to do under the fruit trees. There is plenty of space but the roots will take up a lot of the moisture during the growing season… Raised beds perhaps… ah well, I have some time to ponder.