I have always felt that it is a brave man who wears red strides in public.  To do so when there are 15 photographers around makes him a very brave man, to then lay down in a churchyard in a star position whilst said photographers are on the church bell tower above him, well big kahunas is all I can say.
….. It was a fun evening with visiting Painswick with some members of Stroud Camera Club.
Painswick is a very pretty cotswold village and to have the opportunity to climb up into the the bell tower and view the village from up high was a great experience. I was impressed that all the club members made it to the top of the tower particularly the last step onto the roof which would prove a challenge to even the best contortionists. who would have thought that the older club members could still get their leg over so easily. I have been up a few tight spiral steps before but this was definitely bijou and having to stare at the backside of R3 all the way up did not add to the enjoyment.

I enjoy walking around places and just taking photographs. No plan, no specific goal just meandering and capturing images.