Below is a schematic of the new allotment.


The plot consists of two separate area, surrounded by a 1 meter wide grass border on all sides and a 1 meter wide grass strip dividing it to create the two areas.

The small one is 3.75m wide and 3.4m long which, in the past, was used to locate a shed. Immediately to the east is a long boarder consisting of 20m high trees – very tall and dense casting a shadow over the shed area all morning.

The larger areas is 3.75m wide and 21m long, with six fruit trees at the eastern side.

The previous tenant stopped working on the plot late 2016 so the weeds and couch grass have had a good 6 to 8 months to get a firm footing.
Two of the fruit trees have pears growing on them, the other are currently a mystery to me.
All trees are just under 2m tall.

As can be seen from the plan of the whole allotment, we are surrounded on 3 sides (north, west & south) by other allotments.
Thank you to google maps for the image.


Having carried out a quick measurement and visiting the plot once mid morning and once mid afternoon, I am beginning to understand a little about what we have inherited. However we have not met any of our fellow allotmenteers” during these visits so we do not know too much.

I need to get on top of things pretty soon stop the weeds totally taken over and I need to chat with others to find out what may have been grown previously, what the soil is like, how is the drainage, composting ?, manure club? etc…..


  1. Hire a petrol strimmer to clear all the weeds.
  2. Lay black fabric over the plot to stop further weed growth and start to break drown the chopped weeds.
  3. Meet up with the neighbours to find out more.
  4. It is late in the growing season, however we picked up 20 or so multi-pots of various  vegetable from a garden centre yesterday for 50p a pot. So we will plant these immediately and see what happens.

…. and before anyone points it out, I know that the schematic is not to scale.
If it was it would look a green sausage 1cm high and 25cm long. Therefore I went for something that fitted the screen. ­čÖé