A new year has arrived; I have survived the over indulgence from the night before and am enjoying what is left of this Bank Holiday period, with, luckily, still a few free days remaining. I am planning to continue with some of my own Photo Projects and do a little DIY.
I have a number of these personal projects on the go, some are designed to be challenging and others just totally fun, they all, however, have one thing in common, to move me away from the ordinary day to day and do something different.

It doesn’t matter what your project is, it may be identical to your day job or it may be something completely new to you, the beauty is that makes you do something to stimulate your brain, tests your skills, push boundaries and stops us all getting stale.

I am looking forward to continuing with my projects and over the coming month will share more about some of these with you. However, in the meantime I am participating in Camera Phone Challenge. This is an Instagram based projects with a different theme for every day for during 2014.

The attraction for me as it is that I am using a camera that I nearly always have on me – my mobile phone, and it should be fun.
Whilst I am not expecting to upload everyday, I am planning to achieve pretty high post rate, keeping in my mind the balance between quality and quantity.

I will however remember one thing, the more you shoot, the better you get.