The leaping deer image was something I took 10 years ago when staying in a hotel near Gatwick. It was early morning and I was putting my bags in the car when I saw these deer in the field beside me. I quickly dug out a camera, pointed it and grabbed this shot. Unfortunately the shutter was 1/5th of a second and because I was also using a telephoto lens, the result was rather blurred. After resetting the camera I captured a few more images of the deer which were OK, so I never gave this first shot a second thought.

A few years later I was looking through my archived folders and was pleasantly surprised to see how good this actually looked. Some slight contrast adjustments and the outcome is a cracking result, just proving that it is always worth hanging on to things and fully reviewing everything before hitting the button marked delete.

…….. We have all heard of Intentional Camera Movement (ICM), this is more unintentional.