Crops in the Ground

It’s early July so we have to get some things in quickly if we want some produce this autumn

I mentioned earlier that we picked up some vegetable plugs very cheaply at a local garden centre. So after spending some time digging over the first 5 metres of the plot we planted what we had.

What Next

You can see in the schematic what we have planted. The next steps are to turn over more ground, knock up some netting covers; cover the ground below the trees with black fabric and cover the “Shed Area” with black fabric.

I will also need to tidy the plot and edge all the areas before laying the black fabric and, if I can, burn all the chopping from last week and save the ash.

Planting Key

PH Testing

Chatting to some of the neighbours, it was suggested that I carry out a PH test across the plot, as there are changes across the allotments. This is something that I have never done before so will have to pop along to a garden centre for a PH Kit.

The plot immediately next to me said that they added lime around their cabbages to lower the PH, and when they did this they got a significant improvement.