Weeds and Couch Grass.

We met with one of the neighbours who said he had grown some potatoes on the plot last year. It had been vacant for a few years so he “borrowed it for half a season trimmed the trees and rotavatored about a quarter of the plot to grow potatoes. ┬áThe rest of the plot has remained untouched for a few years.

My first task was to hire a petrol strimmer or as HSS call them – Brush Whackers, and do some whacking….

Some Vigorous Whacking

3 hours later the site is transformed. I was tooled up in jeans, a rugby shirt, toe tecktors and goggles, on one of the hotter days of the year, and all to protect me from the chippings generated when using a four stroke industrial strimmer.
The outcome was worth it.

She who must be obeyed starting to turn over the first few meters of the plot in readiness for some planting.


The site needs a little bit more work around the trees and we need to turn over a much larger patch, but it is ready for immediate planting at the west end, where we have already turned some of the soil.
As I mentioned in an earlier article, we picked up a few vegetables very cheaply from a local garden centre, so these will be planted immediately.
An allotment neighbour also offered us some pumpkin seeds so we will have a go with these as well.

It is still possible to plant a number of vegetables in early July, so we will go forth and hopefully multiply….